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COVID Vaccine Tracker


The NYS Vaccine Tracker is a database all providers enrolled in the COVID-19 vaccine administration program in New York State are required to report into on Mondays and Thursdays. This information needs to be submitted in addition to – and not in replacement of – the information submitted to the Immunization Systems in New York State (NYSIIS and CIR).

In the questions that follow, providers are required to share the following information, separately for Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen (J&J):

  • Vaccines received
  • Vaccines redistributed, as authorized by NYSDOH
  • Vaccines administered
  • Vaccines discarded
  • Vaccines on hand
  • Vaccines expiring in next 7 days 

Facilities with inventory on hand are required to submit their responses on Mondays and Thursday by 10AM reflecting the most up-to-date information as of EOD the day before. Facilities that submit a report reflecting 0 total doses on hand for all vaccine types are exempt from filling out future vaccine trackers until they receive additional transfers or allocations. Please note that if you have administered all of your doses from one manufacturer (Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen), you must continue to filling out that section of the tracker until you reach inventory 0 for ALL manufacturers. Upon restarting the vaccine tracker, providers must fill out the cumulative fields inclusive of totals from before the pause in vaccine tracker submissions. If you have any questions on submitting the vaccine tracker, or like to clarify any of the data fields for entry please email:

The information collected is used by the State to analyze throughput for your staff and other eligible priority populations, facility specific inventory, and is the basis for determining eligibility for future allocations. Further, inaccurate reporting could slow your ability to access additional vaccine when needed. As a reminder, all redistributions must be reflected in the tracker and no vaccine should be reallocated or redistributed between providers unless approved by the New York State Health Department and you should notify the state of any extra doses that you are unable to use during a weekly allocation period at: