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COVID Vaccine Tracker

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The NYS Vaccine Tracker is a database all providers enrolled in the COVID-19 vaccine administration program in New York State are required to report into daily. This information needs to be submitted in addition to – and not in replacement of – the information submitted to the Immunization Systems in New York State (NYSIIS and CIR).

In the questions that follow, providers are required to share the following information, separately for Pfizer and Moderna:

  • Vaccines received
  • Vaccines redistributed, as authorized by NYSDOH
  • Vaccines administered
  • Vaccines discarded
  • Vaccines on hand
  • Vaccines expiring in next 7 days 

Every provider is required to submit their response daily, 7 days a week. The deadline to respond for each day is by 10AM the following day. This includes providers that have enrolled with the vaccine program but have not received vaccines to date. The information submitted should reflect all vaccine-related activity that took place on the most recent complete day of vaccinations (new vaccine receipts, redistributions, administrations, waste and inventory count)

Please note the survey has been updated to reflect provider feedback since last week – read carefully.

This survey will collect completed vaccine administrations for 1/15/2021. If you have not yet completed your 1/15/2021 vaccine administrations, please return to fill out this survey before 10 AM the next day. If you did not administer vaccines for 1/15/2021 and your facility IIS ID appears in the dropdown, you are still required to complete the form.

Note: All questions must be answered in doses.

If you have questions on how to fill out this form, or cannot find your location in the drop-down, please contact NYS DOH at
Please read carefully – question formats have changed since last week.

You can search by NYSIIS / CIR ID, location, address, or organization name.
2. Have you received and/or administered any Pfizer vaccine yet? *This question is required.
3. Have you received and/or administered any Moderna vaccine yet? *This question is required.