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COVID Vaccine Tracker

Vaccine Tracker Notice 5/14/2021

Following revised guidance from DOH, we are ceasing, effective immediately, the use of the Vaccine Tracker. We want to thank all providers for your adherence to the Vaccine Tracker over the past few months and for your continued, tireless hard work as part of the New York State COVID-19 Vaccination campaign.

Moving forward, state monitoring of doses administered and inventory on-hand will be done via NYSIIS and CIR systems. Please ensure that you are accurately reporting all administration data to NYSIIS or CIR and maintaining up-to-date on-hand inventory that accurately reflects transfers / redistributions and waste. Accurate and timely reporting to NYSIIS/CIR is critical, as this information can be used to allow individuals to display proof of vaccination, such as the Excelsior Pass.

Please remember that COVID-19 vaccination must be reported to NYSIIS/CIR within 24 hours of administration.