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Provider survey re: Janssen/J&J doses on hand


As of May 18th, the majority of U.S. supply of the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine is due to expire by June 21st-23rd, according to Janssen’s expiration website.
NYSDOH would like to understand if you have J&J doses on hand, especially doses that will expire before the end of June. DOH is committed to working with providers to redistribute their J&J to others who can administer J&J as quickly as possible and before the expiry date.
Please complete this form by Monday 5/24 at 9 a.m.
If you do not have any J&J on hand, please still complete the survey. You will only need to provide your organization info and respond to one question.

Before completing the survey please count the number of doses of Janssen/J&J you have on hand – including the number of doses from the following lots due to expire before the end of June.

Please contact if you have any issues filling out the form.

Lot              Expiration
[1802070]    25-May
[1802072]    25-May
[1805018]    25-May
[1805020]    25-May
[1805022]    25-May
[1805025]    25-May
[1805029]    25-May
[1805031]    26-May
[1808609]    9-Jun
[1808978]    13-Jun
[1808980]    20-Jun
[041A21A]   21-Jun
[042A21A]   21-Jun
[043A21A]   21-Jun
[201A21A]   23-Jun
[202A21A]   23-Jun
[203A21A]   23-Jun
[204A21A]   23-Jun
[205A21A]   23-Jun
[206A21A]   23-Jun
[207A21A]   23-Jun
[1808982]    23-Jun

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